• English (US) - Female - Amy0:19
  • English (US) - Female - Anna0:22
  • English (US) - Female - Betty0:25
  • English (US) - Female - Cristina0:22
  • English (US) - Female - Melanie0:24
  • English (US) - Female - Sarah0:19
  • English (US) - Male - Aaron0:21
  • English (US) - Male - Alex0:21
  • English (US) - Male - Derrick0:20
  • English (US) - Male - Javier0:20
  • English (UK) - Female - Caitlin0:27
  • English (UK) - Female - Eileen0:27
  • English (UK) - Male - Donnie0:25
  • Spanish - Female - Natalia0:30
  • Dutch - Female - Carin0:30
  • French - Female - Valerie0:29
  • German - Female - Zoe0:29
  • Korean - Male - Yul0:24

voice samples

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Use the Audio Player to browse our Preferred Voice Talents. Each selection is sorted by the Language, Gender, and Talent Name. If you would like to hear more talent options, please give us a call or send an email. We have additional audio samples and information about our talents to help you make the right choice for your project. More actors, more languages, more everything.

Our simplified pricing is based on the usage of the voice, your talent selection(s), and the total word count to be recorded. This gives you is a clear, upfront pricing format to build your project around.

Once your script is ready to record, simply submit your document(s). We will book your chosen talent(s) at their earliest availability. You are welcome to join the session remotely via phone patch, allowing you to listen in real-time and offer direction. Once the session wraps we' will work our post-production magic, ensuring the highest quality. Do you need the files same day? No problem. We will expedite your project.